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pEtEr jUnE SiMoN
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pErSoNaLiTy Sake

food: macaroni salad
music: melow
singer: Regine Velaquez
band: BoyzIIMen
song: Lahat basta Melow
cartoon character: Tom & Jerry
movie: Autumn in New York & For Love of the Game
tv show: Bubble Gang 
actor: Mel Gibson
actress: Kelly Preston
perfume: Hugo Boss
hobby: playing playstation with my buddies!!(laughs)
brand: Polo Ralph Lauren
Buddies: Cyrus Baguio & Ryan Dy
hang-out: Sa ngayon Wala Davao meron
PBA player : Vergel Meneses
NBA player: Michael Jordan & Allen Iverson
ideal girl: religious
greatest dream: To be a PBA player..
Hot stuff
ultimate crush: Regine Velasquez
biggest turn-on: Religious, kind & sweet
biggest turn-off: girl who smokes...
pick-up line: wala akong masabi eh...
inspiration: my family 
where and to whom you spend your 1st salary? bought my cellphone...
greatest fear: serious injury
3 things you can't leave without: Car, shoes & necklace
role model: My Father...
Main Goal This Year: to bring our team into the championship...
in what way would you want to be remembered as a person?
 totoong tao... 
in what way would you want to be remembered as a basketball player? Hardworking..
if your not a basketball player what would you be?
   probably highschool teacher
Message to your Fans
              "Sa mga naniniwala sa akin, maraming-maraming salamat po! Sana huwag kayong magsawa sumoporta sa akin, sa team ko at sa PBL. At sana magkita-kita tayo sa game namin sa PBL..."
   this message is lifted from a text message of nonoy..

all this information are personally asked to "nonoy" through  a phonecall...