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pEtEr jUnE SiMoN
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PeTeR sPeAkS

              People think that Peter June Simon is a shy type person, a great player and excel in a lot of prospectives...But then again, we still  don't know who "nonoy" really is...So to know the real score on his individuality check this out...I added a Q and A portion here...


Q: Describe yourself in 3 words

A: Kind, Humble & approachable (ehehe sabi nya ko na lang daw magdescribe..)


Q: What make  Peter June smile?

A: reminiscing the memories with my friends in our province...


Q: What gets PJ in a bad mood?

A: pag - sobrang pagod


Q: If your going to spend a Day with someone who would it be? where? and why?

A: Alce family, Davao, masaya kasi ako pagkasama ko sila...


Q: What are the things that you love about being a basketball player?

A: endorsing products..


Q: What are the things you hate about being a basketball player?

A: yung iniisip na mga tao mayabang pag-basketball player ka...


Q: What are the things you hate upon living in Manila?

A:  sobrang traffic..


Q: What is your favorite sport aside from basketball?

A: table - tennis


Q: What is your recipe for success?

A: hardwork 


Q: If there is 1 thing that you would regret/change about yourself what would it be?

A: no regrets..


Q: Soundtrack of yourlife

A: We are the Champion


Q: Who is PJ 20 yrs. from now?

A: may pamilya na..


Q: Advice to aspiring basketball players

A: Basketball is all about hardwork...


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